Oklahoma City OK Central Vacuum System – Retractable/Hidden Hose Service Updated

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Advanced Vacuum Systems, representatives of MD central vacuums, (405-691-8800) are updating services to include retractable hose installations and retrofits. The company provides residents and businesses throughout the region with cost-effective vacuum systems that improve cleaning, optimize indoor air quality, and maximize convenience.

Advanced Vacuum Systems is a full-service central vacuum company in Oklahoma City. Their technicians provide MD Manufacturing central vacuum system solutions and support to residents and businesses throughout the region. The company recently updated their services to include the Retractable Hide-A-Hose, making the vacuuming process safer, faster, and more convenient.

More information is available at https://www.advancedvacuumsystems.net

Advanced Vacuum Systems installs central vacs in new or existing homes and businesses, and modernizes current systems. Recently upgraded services include a retractable hose feature that gives customers added convenience. The option also improves safety by preventing them from rolling over or tripping over electrical cords.

Central vacuum systems deliver 2 – 3 times the suction traditional vacuums provide, improving cleaning, reducing indoor air allergens, and better protecting carpets and floors from wear and tear. This type of system saves money over time, reduces environmental waste, and keeps noise to a minimum.

Studies show that central vacuums outlast traditional portable vacuums, making them a cost-effective choice. They also mitigate recirculated particles during cleaning, keeping allergens such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne materials to a minimum. Built-in systems are versatile and easy to use, especially for cleans that include air vents, cabinet tops, front porch mats, wood moldings, and more.

The addition of a retractable hose means homeowners and business cleaning staff won’t have to worry about manually disconnecting, coiling, and storing a 30-foot hose. Instead, the unit is hidden inside the wall until it’s time for use, and automatically retracts back into the wall once cleaning is complete.

A company representative says, “There are many reasons why central vacuums are a good investment. They add value to a property, last longer than portable vacuums, reduce landfill waste, and are much quieter than a regular vacuum. A retractable hose takes this system to the next level, revolutionizing both utility and convenience.”

By updating their central vacuum system services with the addition of a retractable Hide-A-Hose option, the team at Advanced Vacuum Systems are helping residents and business owners throughout the Oklahoma City region save time and money on a chore that must be prioritized to keep environments clean and healthy.

Visit https://www.advancedvacuumsystems.net to find out more.

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