Okanagan Lakeside Development Holds Contest

Okanagan lakeside development McKinley Beach gives back to the community with widely-anticipated contests that show off the beauty of the region. Learn more at https://www.mckinleybeach.ca/

In celebration of the festive yuletide season, the Okanagan’s favourite lakeside living development—McKinley Beach— has recently completed their annual Christmas contest, much to the delight of local residents. The contest had two categories: Naughty or Nice, where entrants had to submit a video describing whether they desesrved to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year, and the Christmas photo contest, with the prize being awarded to the holiday-themed video with the most Facebook likes over the contest duration.

The winners were announced on December 15th, with Sarah Little and Alexandra Collins taking the prizes. Collins’ video delighted contest-watchers as her two children described whether they had been good or bad throughout the year — lots of laughs were had by the family and video viewers alike. Little’s submission, which won the photo portion of the contest, depicted the classic wintertime scene of a child visiting Santa.

McKinley Beach is proud to be able to give back to the community, rather than solely running contests in an aim to garner out-of-town visibility. As one of the Okanagan’s best lakeside developments, McKinley Beach focuses its efforts on contests that involve locals, in part as a thank-you for the support the community has provided as the development has grown.

Kelowna resident Crystal Burke said of the contests, “locals always look forward to the seasonal contests run by McKinley. The kids are always so excited to see the photos that people post, and it gets them inspired to participate themselves! The hope is that they keep doing this for years to come, it’s a really nice thing to do for everyone.”

McKinley Beach launched as a new Okanagan lakeside development in 2014 and has continued to grow exponentially since then, expanding in phases to include a European-styled Hilltown and luxury lakefront lots in addition to the original lakeview lots that launched the project. With more plans to expand throughout 2018, there is no doubt the eyes of the Okanagan will be on this project for many years to come.

To see available lots in the development or to learn more about McKinley Beach and its upcoming contests, interested parties may visit https://www.mckinleybeach.ca/ or stop by the Discovery Centre and show home in Kelowna.

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