Okana Skincare Launches New Natural Skincare Line in New Zealand

Okana Skincare, an Auckland-based brand, specialises in non-toxic, chemical-free products for the skin. The brand strives to create simple, natural products with the motto ‘less is more’.

Auckland, NZ — Okana Skincare is proud to announce a new range of natural products, with a base of four, simple ingredients in high concentration. The result is a safe, effective and sustainable range of skincare products. With a mixture of active juice, natural oils, and vegetable purees filled with enriching antioxidants, Okana’s range is free of artificial fragrances, chemicals, and toxins.

The brand’s emphasis on what is natural shows in this new range: the products are made of fruits and vegetables, all produced in New Zealand. The brand boasts that its natural, uncomplicated range is the perfect way to keep skin healthy, glowing, exfoliated, and hydrated. The products are natural enough to be edible, with a high concentration of organic ingredients.

Created and thought-up by founder, Vibs Amin, who began creating her own skincare in her kitchen, the concept of this brand is to remain simple. They provide a high concentration of natural, antioxidant-rich, skincare products combined with a lower concentration of obscure chemicals. Recognising the truth in the adage that less is more, they have embraced a philosophy of simplicity. Their products use fewer ingredients to obtain optimal results.

Select items from the new line include the berry blend night moisturiser, which contains berry juice and apricot kernel oil, packing nutrients into the skin. There is also the apple juice foaming cleanser, containing amino acids from apple juice. The natural mango and apricot cleanser is one of the latest hydrating products, and the vegetable garden day moisturiser boasts active carrot and tomato juice for hydration and moisturisation. Each product has a range of different benefits. The brand also supplies a face and body scrubs, body butters, and toners.

Okana Skincare is pleased to present a range of items that are steadfastly natural, free of chemicals, affordable and provide a range of different benefits for the skin on the face and body. From exfoliation and hydration to moisturisation and providing natural nutrients, Okana aims to be the go-to for skincare enthusiasts. They invite anyone seeking natural, gentle skincare products that are affordable to visit their website or contact the company for more information.

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