Oily Gal Essential Oil Cleaning Spray Natural Recipe Uses Report Launched

A new report by Oily Gal discussing essential oil cleaning spray recipe that can be made at home. Oily Gal is an online essential oil blog that provides DIY recipes for home, health and beauty.

Oily Gal, an essential oil blog, has launched a new report on the essential oil cleaning spray recipe that can be made at home. Oily Gal is a website that guides people in the ways of using essential oils safely in everyday life with recipes for home, beauty and health.

For more information please visit the website here: https://oilygal.com/balsam-fir-essential-oil-blend.

Oily Gal was started by Jenna Lee who is an essential oil enthusiast. She has been using essential oils for over five years and has thoroughly explored their uses. She explains that she understands the learning curve that comes with essential oils use and aims to help her readers learn their uses.

Jenna Lee states that one way to get to know essential oils and to start using them effectively is to use them in everyday life. For example they can be used for cleaning, skincare and health. Her website provides recipes that create natural products free of chemical and toxins, that encourage a more natural and healthier lifestyle through aromatherapy.

Essential oils can be used to create effective chemical free products for use around the home. Oily Gal’s latest report is about the DIY essential oil cleaning spray recipe that can be made easily at home. Because many oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and disinfecting properties, they are ideal for home made cleaning products.

The list of essential oils used in the cleaning products includes balsam fir. The recipe utilizes essential oils for a toilet bowl spray, a pets stain and carpet spray, wood furniture spray, bed bug and mattress spray and a all purpose cleaning spray.

These sprays all combine vinegar, water and oils to create all natural but potent cleaning products that also leave a pleasing scent when used.

Those wishing to find out more about Oily Gal can visit the website https://oilygal.com/balsam-fir-essential-oil-blend

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