Oil Painting Natural Bristle Set – Christmas Gift For Artists Updated

Online arts and crafts retailer, Art Supply Central, has updated its bestselling 14 Piece Artist Brush Set - an ideal Christmas gift for artists and painters, available via Amazon UK.

The recently updated product offers a selection of paintbrushes with both synthetic and natural fibre brushes, developed to be suitable for use with various mediums, including oil painting, acrylic, and watercolour.

More information can be found at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Artist-Synthetic-Brushes-Watercolour-Guarantee/dp/B00KEW480M

The latest updates announce a 1-year guarantee on the 14 Piece Artist Brush Set, with the promise that the brushes will retain their shape throughout use and after cleaning, without shedding their fibres.

Art Supply Central offers a range of premium quality canvases, sketchbooks, brushes, pens, and various art supplies and equipment via their Amazon UK online store. With products available for artists at every stage, the company’s selection includes affordable items for children and adults, whether they’re beginners or have years of experience.

The company’s 14 Piece Artist Brush Set comes in an elegant black satin effect brush set and includes a collection of sturdy and durable paintbrushes, some with natural bristles and some made of synthetic fibres. Ideal for working with oil paints in particular, the natural set consists of three filbert brushes, two flat brushes, one round brush and a fan brush. Each has been developed to last, without shedding, bending, or losing its shape.

Art Supply Central’s set also includes 6 premium synthetic brushes (3 filbert, 2 round, 1 flat), and includes a free short detail brush for a limited time only. Each of the brushes in the set is made using a traditional beechwood handle, and aluminium ferrule to keep the natural and synthetic fibres secure.

With the recent announcement, the company continues to provide a range of premium art products and equipment for artists at all stages, both hobbyists and professionals. All products are available to purchase online via Amazon UK, with fast delivery.

“I work with acrylics and I usually use cheaper brushes, but thought I would invest in a better set and bought these,” said one satisfied customer. “I have used this company before and they are quick, efficient, and friendly sellers. The brushes are amazing to work with, smooth and even the fine brushes work perfectly for the fine detail I do. Definitely worth the investment. Highly recommended.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting https://www.amazon.co.uk/Artist-Synthetic-Brushes-Watercolour-Guarantee/dp/B00KEW480M

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