Ohio House Motel is open for three historic tours in July.

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Ohio House Motel is taking visitors for the month of July. Chicago is offering three tours that include the Pub Crawl Tour, Mob & Crime Bus Tour, and Navy Pier Architectural Tour

Ohio House Motel is open for three historic tours in July

Chicago, Illinois (May)- The Ohio House Motel in Chicago has the perfect location and availability to cater to guests as they visit and take in tourist attractions. The upcoming tours that will draw the most attention are the “Pub Crawl Tour,” the “Mob & Crime Bus Tour,” and the “Navy Pier Architectural Tour.” The best way to start the day for one of these exciting events is by eating a free breakfast, which guests can enjoy if they book their room directly on the Ohio House Motel website. Guests are also welcome to use the free parking available, but they must again book directly on the Motel’s website. Other amenities include free wifi and recently renovated rooms. Guests are encouraged to find pictures of these amenities on the Facebook page.

Ohio House Motel is the ideal location to stay in the Chicagoland area for the many attractions the city has to offer in July. Downtown Chicago is offering three tours in the month of July which includes the Pub Crawl Tour that includes many bars around the city. The Mob and Crime Bus Tour which is a guided bus tour of the most famous gangsters and mobsters in Chicago such as Al Capone. The Navy Pier Architectural tour will show you around the surrounding areas of Navy Pier and the Chicago river. The Ohio House is located in the middle of endless attractions such as a baseball game at Wrigley field, the Lincoln Park Zoo, etc. Chicago is known for some of the best restaurants in America such as Giordano’s Pizza, Al’s Italian beef, or Sushi Naniwa. The center of downtown has many shopping opportunities from stores such as Nike, Nordstrom, Coach, Sephora, etc. They are many opportunities in Chicago that can make you satisfied with your summer trip.

Chicago has unlimited restaurants, shops, and entertainment options for visitors to enjoy after their tour. Ohio House Motel is the perfect boutique hotel to enjoy all of what the historic second-city has to offer. When searching for fun summer activities, The Ohio House Motel provides the best cheap hotel experience for individuals, families, and couples.

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