Ohio CPA CPE Ethics Course Continuing Education Approved Training Launched

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Cpethink.com, a professional CPE provider, announced two CPE for CPA ethics courses for Ohio accountants. The self-paced courses offer participants three or four CPE credits, are approved by the Accountancy Board of Ohio, and have been updated according to the latest fiscal and legal regulations.

Cpethink.com, an IRS-approved continuing education provider, launched two CPE courses for Ohio certified public accountants (CPAs) interested in earning professional CPE ethics credits. The new courses are approved by the Accountancy Board of Ohio, offering a comprehensive overview of the main CPA standards and responsibilities. The courses have been updated for the current year to ensure complete adequacy to the latest fiscal and legal updates.

More information can be found at https://cpethink.com/ohio-cpa-ethics.

As technological and professional innovation occurs at a much faster rate than before, continuing professional education (CPE) has become central for high-performing professionals in all industries. CPE is now one of the most important educational principles, career success depending in a considerable measure on the willingness to learn throughout one’s professional life.

Certified public accountants need to stay up-to-date with the latest fiscal and legal updates in order to provide high-quality services. For this reason, many professional associations and governmental bodies require CPAs to obtain a certain number of approved CPE credits in order to renew their CPA licenses.

The Accountancy Board of Ohio requires its members to obtain 40 CPE credits over a two-year period, or 120 credits over a three-year period, with a proportion of these credits being from ethics courses. Cpethink.com launched two new self-study ethics courses for Ohio CPAs looking to obtain their required credits.

The courses are designed as self-paced modules covering the essential Ohio CPA ethics regulations. All course materials have been updated for the current years and are approved by the Accountancy Board of Ohio.

Participants can follow the course content at their own pace, having the possibility to take the exam multiple times. The final exams are graded instantly for maximum objectivity.

The courses are priced at $59.95 and $44.95, offering successful participants four or three CPE credits respectively.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website, as well as at http://cpethink.com.

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