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Even though most car accident injury attorneys charge about the same contingency fee there is a big difference in the amount you take home. Junk fees rob you of money you deserve. Protect yourself from junk fees with the Personal Injury Junk Fee Report.

Ogden, Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Lead Advocacy Group Against Junk Fees Charged By Attorneys

LeBaron & Jensen is proud to offer honest and transparent help to those who have been in an auto or car accident and injured at no fault of their own. At the request of a friend who hired another injury attorney and was charged unfair junk fees, LeBaron & Jensen began educating people how to expose personal injury junk fees to victims who have been injured both locally and nationally. As this movement gained momentum more people came forward asking for education.

Personal injury attorney and partner at LeBaron & Jensen, Miles LeBaron says, “There are a lot of ways firms can charge clients much more than they expected. Consumers hate junk fees in any industry. This unfortunate practice in the personal injury world is what drove LeBaron & Jensen to publish the Junk Fee Report.”

Miles invites all those who have been in an accident, to call his office for a complementary case or fee review to learn how to avoid junk fees and put more of the money they deserve in their pocket. Most injury attorneys work of a contingency fee, meaning, if they win, they take a portion on the settlement, typically about 1/3.

The contingency fee can be negotiable, however the amount of money paid out to the injured can vary substantially, even if the contingency fees are the same between firms. The Junk Fee Report outlines all of the possible fees an attorney can charge. Some fees are legitimate, some are flat out junk fees, and some are simply aggressive and not fair. For example, excessive costs for printing. The Advocacy Group for Fair Settlements suggests using the report to determine what firm to hire in order to keep more of a deserving settlement.


LeBaron & Jensen P.C. was established in 2004 and specializes in transparent personal injury representation and litigation. Miles is a member of the Utah State Bar, Utah Supreme Court, U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, and the Weber & Davis Bar Association.

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