Ogden Massage Therapy Laser Light Lipo & Hair Removal Spa Appointee Released

Classified as having magic hands, Emily the new massage therapist at Therapeutix Massage Center is taking away knots, aches and even strains. Fully licensed and receiving rave reviews, Emily has extensive experience in all areas of massage – relaxation, deep tissue and injury.

Pleasant View, Utah-based Therapeutix Massage Center, a wellness clinic and day spa has released the details of their newest appointee. Emily, a licensed massage therapist with 12-months experience, has already received rave client reviews. Consequently, Emily offers relaxation, deep tissue and injury massage that relaxes and reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and reduces stress and rehabilitates.

More information is available at http://tmclife.net.

Appointed in June 2017, Emily has extensive experience in all areas of massage – relaxation, deep tissue and injury. Qualified to practice in all areas of massage, clients are saying that Emily is one of the best massage therapists Ogden has ever seen.

With strong, dexterous hands, Emily uses a number of techniques for each of the therapies she offers. Her relaxation therapy relaxes muscles, especially those overworked due to repetitive use such as strained neck, shoulders and back due to poor posture. Emily’s deep tissue massage, however, is ideal for improving persistent muscle tension and healing tight muscles to reduce stress. Then, her injury massage therapy Ogden style uses deep pressure, targets areas and focuses on stretching and following detailed rehabilitation plans, so that movement improves over time.

All massage therapies come in three session times – an hour, hour and a half, and 2 hours. As a massage therapist Ogden Emily typically recommends finding a treatment length that suits the needs of the body. A longer session is ideal for athletes or those with repetitive strain injuries to help soften and lengthen muscle tissue to aid healing.

Ogden Therapeutix Massage Center, established in 2012, offers clients a range of services. Apart from massage therapy Ogden style, there’s laser treatments, waxing, facials and sunless tanning. Lash extensions, make-up application and laser hair removal. Those seeking more in-depth treatments can also have infrared sauna, ionic foot detox spa and laser light lipo or relax with Reiki. The center also offers discounts to military personnel and veterans, as well as law enforcement, fire departments and other first responders, and their families.

When asked about their newest staff member, a spokesperson for the Ogden Therapeutix Massage Center said, “Emily is one of the best in the business. She’s able to meet the needs of the clients and has helped a number of them get back their former muscle strength after injury or sporting fatigue. Our clients have said that she’s got very strong hands and this aids in their recovery.”

To find out more about the Ogden Therapeutix Massage Center and their new appointee Emily, call 801 737 0322 or visit http://tmclife.net.

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