Offline Business Videos Volume Three David Cisneros 2017 Offline Videos Launched

Offline Business Videos Volume Three, a new package designed to help local businesses make profits off of offline niches, was recently launched by David Cisneros. Each video includes high definition resolution, MP4 format, and professional script and animations.

David Cisneros recently launched Offline Business Videos Volume Three, a package of kinetic style videos that helps businesses gain new clients in offline niches. The videos offer powerful marketing tools for local business consultants.

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The package includes videos in niches for dermatologists, handymen, house painters, HVAC, insurance agents, kitchen remodeling, landscaping and gardening, real estate agent and sales, roofing, and funeral homes. Additionally, all of the videos include high definition resolution, MP4 format, professional script, and professional animations. Depending on the user’s preference, each video can also be downloaded with or without voice-overs.

Additional bonus features are also available for purchase, but they are not required in order for customers to get the full use out of the video package. One bonus feature includes a package of spokesperson style videos available in the same niches previously mentioned. Additionally, a second bonus package includes a user-friendly online software that will build a portfolio page to showcase the videos once they are finished.

Another bonus feature that will be available for a limited time when users download the video package, gives users the choice of five different e-Books, which contain helpful tips and practices on the most effective ways to run an online business. The e-Books include Massive Video Engagement, 4 Reasons Why Most Online Entrepreneurs Fail, How to Make 3-50 Times the Profict from Your Traffic, Munchtastic Sales Training. Secrets Of Effective Selling, and How To Get Around The 7 Most Common Online Business Roadblocks

Offline Business Videos Volume Three has the essential tools needed to help local business owners tap into video marketing and successfully gain new customers.The package will be available at a reduced price during the product’s initial launch.

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