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XRP Army News is now open! XRP Army Influencers now have a Website and Progressive Web App that helps the XRP Army find their videos and tweets! No need anymore to search for each influencer.

The XRP Army News was born out of the realization that Digital Currency was growing as a new source of currency for the Globalization of the economy. The XRP Army News also recognized that there was a growing group of on-line Influencers that were providing the most recent news and insights into a particular segment of the Digital Currency area called XRP, a foundation for an On Demand Liquidity Company, Ripple. It was noted that these Influencers were growing larger and larger followings..

After researching this trend for more than 8 months, The people involved the the XRP Army News, Scott Powell, Rick Scheer and Christopher Knight realized that there was a need to gather all these on-line Influencers into one place. And with that realization the XRP Army news was born. As the research continued, people like David Schwartz, Chris Larson and Brad Garlinghouse. were discovered to be the true foundation of Ripple and this XRP phenome so the Team continued to build out the News concept. What was uncovered was an incredible wonderful community of committed caring intelligent people sharing with the world everything Ripple and XRP!

With all this research behind the Team, we built out a central location on-line for all the Major Influencers, YouTube Channels and Twitter Feeds to be found easily by this large and enthusiastic group or Army of Followers. The XRP Army News will enjoy being a part of seeing the emergence of one of the greatest digital assets ever created becoming a reality, while at the same time keeping the open flow of information from the best and brightest in front of the people.

This News Aggregator team has now brought Concept to Competition with this introduction of the immediately release and publication on-line of the XRP Army News. No longer will people interested in the very latest information from Ripple and XRP have to search for the XRP You Tube and Twitter Influencers but will have only one source conveniently provided for them.

In addition the on-line Website, the Team has also built a custom app that allows anyone to view the very same information on their phone as the can gather on the main site. This makes it available to everyone, anywhere, 24/7. An innovation which will boost the viewership of the News site.

The site consists of 12 of the top Influencers, The Digital Asset Investor, Brad Kimes, Dustin Planholt, Alex Cobb, To The Lifeboats, Jungle Inc, The Bearable Bull, Crypto Eri, Kevin Cage, Dustybc, The Working Money Channel, Love For Crypto, Moon Lambo.

It will also include the people producing an upcoming Documentary Cryptonaire by Brad Kimes and Dustin Planholt. The producers will be showcased and and their film progress updated consistently.

Now anyone can find their videos and tweets in one centralized convenient place! No words can express the gratitude felt for the XRP Army Influencers! Keep the content coming and together it is shared with the world.

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