Office Furniture Partitions Screens and Dividers British Manufacturing Launched

Burgess Furniture, a UK furniture maker has launched a line of office dividers, partitions, and screens. These items are both attractive and provide social distancing for office workers.

Burgess Furniture has launched new line dividers and partitions for offices. This prestigious British furniture manufacturing company has stepped up to the challenge of the new normal with these protective and attractive items to help keep it’s customers safe and protected in light of the pandemic.

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The launch of dividers and partitions by this English furniture manufacturer was compelled as the nation and the world slowly learn to deal with the present circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies emerge from the shelter at home orders they are looking for creative solutions and taking proactive steps to protect themselves.

Burgess’s new line of commercial office screens include the 360 Divide and the SplitScreen. They are designed to partition rooms and add privacy and safety without compromising on style. Available in a choice of upholstery and finishes, each panel is covered in soft, high-quality material to add intimacy and warmth whilst helping to reduce noise and provide a measure of safety from the spread of disease.

The inspiration for the 360 Divide was pebbly beaches and it brings a playful screen that is designed for seating areas and collaborative spaces. As the name suggests, it spins a full 360 degrees on its elliptical steel base and a central axis, making it Burgess’ most flexible screen yet. The design lifts the environment to a lighter spirit while continuing to provide protection from coughs, sneezes, and other hazards.

The SplitScreen is an elegant and contemporary single screen, designed to break up larger rooms or hide unsightly cabling or other unsightly equipment in an office setting. Featuring a dual-panel, it can be customised to match any interior or create a contrast to add a striking feature.

As these office dividers and partitions are launched, Burgess Furniture hopes they bring a sigh of relief to office managers looking for practical ways to re-establish themselves in the market as things begin to open up after the peak of the pandemic.

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