Odaine McMillan – The Overnight Caribbean Internet Marketing Sensation

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Odaine McMillan is a successful multimillionaire with a unique story of how he attained his success in his early twenties, despite dropping out of college at 21 to start his first business. The entrepreneur launched his first business with Amway Global, becoming a licensed reseller of their products. He quickly discovered that he was not suited for their business model. Instead of giving up, however, he decided to explore what he had always shown a real affinity for – using the internet.

His drive to work independently was what led to his obsession with launching a successful business online. “There were many pitfalls, frustrations, countless failed attempts, and friendships that ended,” comments McMillan. “But over that two year period, I metamorphosed, and changed my skin of sorts, becoming the man I am today. Not only am I the only millionaire in my family, I’m also the youngest as well. I am a living example that hard work really does pay off.”

As an ecommerce expert, Odaine McMillan has helped hundreds of businesses successfully launch their products online, while also assisting traditional brick and mortar companies break into the online world by establishing a firm online presence.

One of the companies he’s recently helped make the foray into online commerce is Hypnotik Designs, a graphic design firm. By closely overseeing all aspects of their online launch, the company was able to expand its customer base from under 200 per month to over 2,000 customers monthly.

McMillan has also collaborated with “Feel Good Supplements”, a widely popular body supplements company based in the United States – helping them gain popularity online using various social media campaigns and other strategic marketing efforts. His work has been instrumental in the marketing for three of their most popular products that includes: “Parker’s Naturals Testosterone Booster, “Liquid L Carnitine” and their “Bee Pollen” daily supplement product.

This young entrepreneur hopes to offer valuable advice and expert insight to those looking for words of inspiration and advice. “Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines”, he says. It is his hope that other young entrepreneurs won’t be scared to take that leap of faith but “failing” their way to success like he has. He continues to focus on his Internet Marketing business in Jamaica, where he resides today.

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