Octosuite Luke Maguire 2016 FB Group Auto Posting & Scheduling Software Launched

Octosuite, a premier social media management software providing multiple viral and trending content discovery, editing and bulk posting features to help online business owners or marketers improve their social media engagement and presence while saving time with auto posting and scheduling, has been launched.

A new social media management and automation software, entitled Octosuite, providing multiple viral and trending content discovery, editing and bulk or automated posting and scheduling features along with synchronization among external social networks, has been launched.

More information is available at http://letsgolook.at/OCTOSUITE.

Octosuite is a social media automation and management software developed by Luke Maguire and Simon Harries to help business owners or marketers improve their social media presence and engagement through personalized viral content while saving time with multiple auto and bulk posting features.

The newly launched software allows users to easily find, analyze and mass join multiple Facebook fan pages or groups at once as well as instantly bulk post on all of them or set up a personalized drip feed posting schedule with content, including images, videos and text, being automatically published on multiple pages at a time pre-selected by the user.

The Octosuite also allows for instant discovery of trending, viral and up-to-date content on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or YouTube, to be edited with custom headlines, calls to action, logos, links or subject lines and automatically bulk posted on multiple pages. Complete synchronization with external social networks to connect Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest with Facebook and have the personalized viral content automatically posted on multiple platforms at once is also included.

More information on Octosuite and its multiple bulk post or join and content discovery, editing, synchronization and scheduling features along with a video demo detailing how to use the software’s dashboard, and more, can be consulted on the website link provided above or at http://muncheye.com/luke-maguire-octosuite.

The Octosuite developers, Luke Maguire and Simon Harries, explain that “what we are launching is a complete social media management, mass automation and engagement tool that will send the users’ fan pages and groups viral while removing the need for ever having to physically post an update again. In short, Octosuite allows its users to replace the need for a social media manager by having all of their fan pages, groups and external social networks synchronized and automatically posting the most viral trending content daily”.

Release ID: 125068