October Is Children’s Vision Month, All Children Should Have Eyes Tested

October is children’s vision month, and Winnipeg optometrists Eyes In The Village are encouraging parents to have their children’s eyes tested. The sooner you detect a condition the better.

Winnipeg Canada – For any parent the health of their child is the most important thing in the world, and this should also extend to their eyesight. In today’s often busy and hectic lifestyle, it can be very easy to overlook the annual eyesight test, that opticians recommend for children. That is why October has been designated as Children’s Vision Month, with lots of publicity and encouragement for parents to get their children’s eyesight tested.

As with most medical conditions, the earlier a problem is detected, the better. Ironically, there are quite a few serious eye conditions, which do not present with obvious symptoms. Likewise, there are some other conditions which are not apparent until the disease or problem is at an advanced stage, making treatment much more challenging than it needs to be. Conditions such as amblyopia or a “lazy eye” need to be addressed when a child is young. Comprehensive eye examinations would result in 51% more children receiving successful treatment for amblyopia by age 10.

Winnipeg Optometrists Eyes In The Village are fully supportive of Children’s Vision Month and are actively encouraging as many parents as possible to bring their children in for a full and comprehensive eye examination.

The examination will include

· A review of the child’s health and vision history

· A range of tests which will include those for short-sightedness, long-sightedness, lazy eye, color perception, depth perception and focusing ability.

“When it comes to your children’s health, we believe that the regular testing of their eye-sight is essential, as it could affect much more than just their health,” said Dr. Benji Itzkow of Eyes In The Village. “If for instance, they are struggling with their vision, it could impact on their progress at school, because they cannot see the board properly. The idea behind Children’s Vision Month is to highlight the issues and encourage parents to bring their children in for an eye-sight test. We fully support this annual campaign and urge as many people as possible to take part. “

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