O’Connor Family Law Recognizes Attorney Sasha Khan

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O'Connor Family Law is proud of the passion for justice that Attorney Sasha Khan brings to the team within the firm's South Shore regional office in Hanover, Massachusetts.

Sasha Khan is an Family Law Attorney at O’Connor Family Law who has extensive experience representing clients going through divorces involving domestic violence. Attorney Khan’s bio can be found on the About Us section of the company website, https://www.familylawma.com/about/sasha-khan/

O’Connor Family Law CEO, Heather A. O’Connor expressed confidence that Sasha Khan is ready to handle the job, saying:

“Domestic violence creates an imbalance of power. There are many times victims of abuse need an additional layer of protection and a strong voice in the courtroom. Attorney Khan does everything she can to ensure these clients are safe and that their legal rights are protected. However, there are other times when allegations of abuse are meant solely to get an upper-hand in a custody or divorce case. These situations are abusive in and of themselves, and they should not be tolerated. Attorney Khan will fight to ensure the truth prevails, and we are so lucky to have someone so passionate about justice.”

Attorney Sasha Khan began with O’Connor Family Law after the firm opened a South Shore Office in Hanover, Massachusetts. She primarily focuses her representation on divorce and custody cases taking place between Boston and the Cape.

Her prior extensive experience with domestic violence and high-conflict custody cases will provide O’Connor Family Law’s clients with the guidance and level of service that people going through these types of issues require. Cases involving these issues cannot be treated the same as other divorce or custody cases. In the typical divorce or custody case, both sides want to work toward reaching an agreed-upon resolution that is fair for both people involved. In high-conflict and domestic violence cases, the focus usually surrounds the ability for one person to have control, power, and revenge on the other person. There can be a lot of manipulation to “win.” It takes someone who really understands what to look for and how to argue these issues before a Judge for the outcome to be successful. Attorney Khan is just such a litigator.

Heather O’Connor stated, “Family law requires an attorney who can understand the emotional side of an argument but not let those emotions drive the strategy of a divorce or custody case. Attorney Khan is absolutely fantastic in helping clients through this process so they can stay focused on getting the result they want without driving up costs the way that emotional arguments and high-conflict cases generally tend to do.”

If you’re interested in having Attorney Sasha Khan be part of your legal team, you can contact O’Connor Family Law at 774-314-4725 or send an email to info@familylawma.com. For more information about the firm, go to: https://familylawma.com/.

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