Ocala FL Trailer Wheel Bearings Repack Breakdown Prevention Service Launched

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R&B Hitch of Ocala has launched its trailer wheel bearings repacking service. The company offers mobile replacement of trailer wheel bearings to prevent trailer breakdowns.

R&B Hitch of Ocala has launched its trailer wheel bearings repack service. The company offers replacement of trailer wheel bearings to prevent trailer breakdowns.

More information is available at https://rbhitchofocala.com/trailer-wheel-bearing-repack-and-lube-2.

The newly launched service by R&B Hitch is an import breakdown prevention measure since wheel bearings should be replaced every year or every six months if the trailer is used frequently. Without replacing them, it could result in being stranded somewhere.

The first step R&B Hitch will take is to remove the outer bearing and support the frame or axles with jack stands. Then the wheel is removed along with the hub dust cap by using slip-joint pliers. Next, staff will unbend the cotter pin and grab the head with side cutters and leverage it out of the castle nut. The next step taken is to spin the nut off with pliers. Then the hub is pulled forward until the washer and outer bearing fall out.

Removing the inner bearing is the next action carried out by first pulling the entire hub off the axle and placing it on the floor. Staff will then use their feet to hold it and pry out the grease seal with the seal puller.

The next step staff will take is to clean the bearings by soaking them in the degreaser and using the parts brush to clean out all the old grease and dirt. Then the bearings will be set on a clean cloth to dry, or compressed air will be used on them. But don’t spin them with compressed air – they can fly apart and cause serious injuries.

Then a staff member of R&B Hitch will apply new grease to the edge of the bearing. The bearing will then be rotated until the bearing cage is filled with grease. The rest of the grease is then smeared over the face of the bearing rollers.

Staff will then install the new grease seal by first cleaning all the old grease out of the hub. Then fresh grease is wiped on the inner race and the bearing is set in place. The new grease seal is then positioned with the open edge of the lip facing in toward the bearing. A flat steel plate or wood block is placed over the seal and smacked into position until the seal is fully seated. Then a light coat of grease is wiped around the inside of the new seal.

The final step R&B Hitch will take is to reinstall the hub. Old grease is removed from the axle and then the hub, outer bearing, washer and castle nut are slid on. After the castle nut is tightened and the hub is then spun to spread the grease and seat the bearings. The castle nut is then retightened before backing it off a quarter turn to line it up with the hole in the axle. Staff will then insert the new cotter key and bend the ears before finally tapping in the dust cap.

R&B Hitch offers to come to the customer to carry out the wheel bearing repacking.

For more information about R&B Hitch visit the website listed above or call 352-572-1090.

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