Ocala FL Fifth Wheeler Towing Installation Mobile Hitch Service Announced

R & B Hitch of Ocala has announced a mobile fifth wheel hitch installation service for customers across Central Florida as this type of hitch can legally increase the tow load capacity and weight.

R & B Hitch of Ocala, a specialist provider of mobile hitch services across Central Florida, has announced a new fifth wheeler tow hitch installation service. The team explain they offer their services remotely and provide detailed instructions on their website for how to install a fifth wheel hitch at home.

More details can be found at https://rbhitchofocala.com/5th-wheeler-hitch-installation

The newly announced mobile fifth wheeler towing hitch service is available for installations of 16,000 lbs through to 30,000 lbs. Custom under bed fifth wheel brackets are offered as part of the service as well as industry standard base rails, extension harnesses, wheel sliders, and accessories.

R & B Hitch of Ocala explains adding a fifth wheeler tow hitch can improve the towing experience for the driver when compared to a gooseneck hitch because it is more stable. In addition, it is a good way to legally increase the towing capacity in terms of load size and weight. This makes it the ideal option for people who want to tow RVs, campers, and travel trailers.

But before beginning the installation process, R & B Hitch of Ocala advise all drivers to ensure their vehicle is rated to hold the extra weight of the trailer they intend to tow. Installing a fifth wheeler tow hitch is an involved process, which is why the team offer a mobile installation service as well as user guides.

They explain that as part of the installation process, access to the underbelly of the truck bed will be required for the brackets and base rails. People are advised to remove the spare tire to give themselves more space and other components such as heat shields may have to be removed. The specific instructions for each hitch will detail the necessary steps.

A spokesperson said: “Fifth wheeler hardware may require torque greater than a typical 100-foot-pound torque wrench can provide. Instead of purchasing a new torque wrench, call your local automotive store and ask if they rent out tools and equipment.”

“We offer this mobile installation service so you can keep your busy schedule while we complete the work at your location,” they added.

More details about the service are available via the URL provided above.

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