OBX Lyfe Tees Sweats Caps Scarves & Bags Coastal Federation Partnership Launch

With a broad range of merchandise that is environmentally inspired, OBX Lyfe (252) 242-0760, an Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) family-owned clothing, accessory, and homeware business have launched their campaign to support the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Nags Head, North Carolina-based OBX Lyfe, a family clothing, accessory and homeware store, has launched a campaign to support the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Aptly named after the region it hails from, OBX Lyfe, the fastest-growing Outer Banks (OBX) brand, aims to stock products that enhance lives and nurture nature. As such, their merchandise emulates the natural elements – beach, sky, clouds – found in their surrounding environment.

More information is available at https://obxlyfegear.com.

Recently launched, the support offered by OBX Lyfe for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, in conjunction with other locals, helped to install storm water reduction measures and plant thousands of wetlands flora. Other environment saving acts included preventing hundreds of thousands of gallons of polluted storm water from entering the ocean, and informing over 10,000 people about better conservation through workshops and other initiatives.

Further initiatives the North Carolina Coastal Federation were involved with include the restoration of over 200,000 oysters in 2016, and the construction of a 15-acre oyster sanctuary in 2017. Plus, the group also helped clean-up more than 5,000 crab pots and 5.5 tons of marine debris. These and many other projects are what OBX Lyfe stand behind, and they encourage others to do so as well.

As a not-for-profit organization, the North Carolina Coastal Federation aims to keep the coast of North Carolina clean, and it advocates to protect coastal habitats. As such, OBX Lyfe, the Federation, and its other supporters provide information about the coast to others. Also, they offer a variety of programs and partnerships to increase coastal care awareness.

OBX Lyfe is a family owned business situated in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, otherwise known as OBX – hence the brand name. With OBX as the inspiration for the brand, the label focuses on creating clothing that focuses on the natural elements of the Outer Banks such as white clouds, deep blue ocean and the blue sky.

When asked about their support for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a spokesperson for the company said, “We want to make a difference to our environment and help to improve the world we live-in. With our roots firmly planted in OBX, it seemed ideal that we help a local initiative like the North Carolina Coastal Federation to increase their reach, build greater awareness and reduce environmental impact.”

To find out more about OBX Lyfe, their environmentally inspired merchandise and their support of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, call (252) 242-0760 or visit the link above. OBX Lyfe’s Parent Company thrives to be philanthropic, always giving back to community.

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