ObvioHealth Touch On Virtual Clinical Trials and How They Provide Better Data

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ObvioHealth talk about virtual clinical trials and how they can provide researches with much better data, all from the real world too (RWD)

Today, ObvioHealth wanted to raise awareness about virtual clinical trials (VCTs) and how they are safer, easier, faster and much better at gathering data than more traditional means of conducting clinical trials. All these factors support innovation and are considered a positive disruption to the clinical trial industry and health innovation as a whole.

ObvioHealth is also a provider of virtual clinical trials. It delivers better data to customers by deploying a drastically simplified digital clinical trial process. Its VCTs consistently recruit faster, have better compliance results, and see a sizable reduction in dropouts.

ObvioHealth’s platform for trials finds pools of new participants in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Participants can more safely and easily take part in trials from the comfort of their own homes, which keeps them much more engaged throughout the trial process. When engagement with the patients is high, there is a much higher likelihood that the participants will adhere to protocol, such as reporting events, using the devices, or taking medications regularly.

ObvioHealth purports to be delivering better data by offering users a much higher level of compliance. Obvio also notes that sponsors are now beginning to realize the benefits that actually come from conducting clinical trials virtually.

However, this doesn’t mean that the entire trial process has become a virtualized process, as the occasional site visit can still be required (although unlikely) depending on specific trial requirements or information needed. VCTs offer a much more modern approach to the way researchers conduct clinical trials without the drop-off in participants that usually come from traditional trial methods.

Readers that wish to find out more about ObvioHealth and the latest news within the clinical research industry, or to read more about how virtual clinical trials can benefit research studies, follow through to their website located here: https://www.obviohealth.com/

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