Obviohealth Shed Light on Remote Monitoring Clinical Trials During Pandemic

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ObvioHealth discusses a game-changing remote clinical trials model which doesn’t compromise collected real-world data on products.

The COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely decimated industries across the globe and has made it considerably more difficult for the clinical research industry when it comes to conducting and monitoring clinical trials on-site.

The only logical alternative right now is to make use of remote monitoring during clinical trials. It makes complete sense as it is cost-effective and time-saving which is causing it to gain momentum in the clinical research industry.

The use of remote monitoring in clinical trials means that staff responsible for monitoring the trials have no need to visit the site in order to transfer and review any associated data.

Instead, monitoring of data is done completely virtually through the use of modern technology and both study sponsors and stakeholders can access the data from wherever they are located.

ObvioHealth have also put a new twist on how they operate their virtual trials so that not only are the trial monitors completely remote, but the patients are as well! This means that the clinical trials being conducted by ObvioHealth are performed fully-remotely, this twist opens up plenty of advantages for clinical trials when it comes to collecting and monitoring real-time and real-world data.

If clinical trial monitoring is now conducted remotely but data continues to be collected from patients at a site the data may not be an accurate representation of how the product actually works in the real world.

So instead, virtual clinical trial settings allow for both the patients and the people monitoring are completely remote which allows testers to just go about their daily lives, prompting better “real-world data”.

It is the combination of this real-world data and transmission in real-time that’s a complete game changer during the pandemic because it can provide researchers with more detailed insights, not just on the efficacy in the real-world but also on compliance and patient behaviours when using the products.

For more information about ObvioHealth’s brand-new way of performing clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic or just want to find more out about ObvioHealth and other services they have to offer, see the following link: https://www.obviohealth.com/

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