ObvioHealth Provide Virtual Clinical Trials that Gathers Better Data

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ObvioHealth talks about the benefits of performing virtual clinical trials as opposed to on-site trials and how researchers could cut budgets drastically through the change.

It’s a no-brainer that virtual clinical trials are a much safer, easier, faster and better way of generating required data which aids in innovation. Virtual clinical trials are a disruption to the clinical trial industry (in a positive manner, of course) as well as health innovation in general.

ObvioHealth is a company that is committed to delivering better data for clinical research through developing a much easier process to handle the clinical trial process. They have been known to deliver consistent results and achieve faster recruitment, considerably higher compliance and far fewer dropouts than ever before. Obvio is capable of finding new pools of participants in a timely and effective manner without denting the budget.

Obvio is making virtual clinical trials better for participants even throughout the pandemic, allowing test subjects to participate from the comfort of their own homes and ensure engagement throughout their trials. The reason they keep patients engaged is that they are a lot more likely to adhere to protocol. Whether that be reporting events, using the digital health services or even taking medication and in turn that also means researchers get the data that is considerably more real time and real world, better all round.

One of the bigger benefits to making use of virtual clinical trials is the dramatic savings that can be made within budgets. Virtual trials are able to reduce budgets through avoiding many fees associated with operating on-site and monitoring on-site.

Additionally, site-based studies are far less convenient for participants, which usually entails higher compensation for them attending the trial. This is one of the main reasons why site-based studies often see costs skyrocket, even before the enrollment process is completed. All of this can be offset through remotely recruiting and monitoring remotely.

A virtual clinical research can mean the difference between an overburdened participant who reluctantly completes the study requirement and one who stays engaged and follows the protocol. The higher the enforcement rate, the more complete the data for sponsors would be.

To find out more about how ObvioHealth can assist with clinical lab research in a virtual setting, see the following link: https://www.obviohealth.com/

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