Obviohealth Discusses the Rise of Real World Data Within Clinical Trials

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Obviohealth discusses the rise of real world data within clinical trials and the impact the rise has had on how laboratories operate

Earlier today, ObvioHealth announced their recent publication, which documents the rise of real world data (RWD) within a clinical trial setting. The company mentions that the use of real world data in clinical trials is currently a trending topic and that doctors, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies are all leveraging this data for improving health outcomes.

One fact they claim on their website is that RWD was used in 75% of new drug applications and biological license applications in 2020. However, as with any budding and prospering industry, there is still a tremendous gap between the promising theory and actual reality. ObvioHealth mentions that there are presently significant challenges when it comes to collecting, aggregating, and analyzing mass amounts of disparate data in a secure manner.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of real world data, it is the data that directly relates to the health status of a patient, or data related to the delivery of routine healthcare. This information is gathered through electronic health records, claims/billing activities and also from in-home-use settings and medical health monitoring devices. Real world evidence is the evidence regarding the usage and benefits/risks attached to a product derived from RWD.

The post mentions that the future of RWD is promising. The power of RWD is directly proportional to the size and quality of the actual data to which it is analyzing. Given the challenges that come from data standardization and interoperability of data sets, AI (artificial intelligence), NLP (natural language processing) and RPA (robotic process automation) will become increasingly employed in order to support reveling powerful insights to medical institutions.

It notes that those insights also help the identification of populations that pose the highest risk for specific diseases, the selection of medical treatment that can be considered more effective, and the identification of new indications of existing drugs.

For more information about real world data within clinical trials, see the ObvioHealth website at the following link: https://www.obviohealth.com/

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