ObvioHealth Discusses How To Virtualize Clinical Trials for Pain

ObvioHealth Discusses How To Virtualize Clinical Trials for Pain, Read On to Find Out More

ObvioHealth published a post recently about pain in clinical trials and the five elements of a successful study. The team began by mentioning how pain is a universal experience, and that it is important to find a more effective way to manage or even relieve it. Pain management is a priority for life sciences, with around fifty million American adults living with chronic pain, and even more coping with acute or episodic pain.

The main challenge faced within clinical research is the ability to accurately assess pain in various therapeutic areas, from the likes of migraine and arthritis to GI and oncology. This is due to how pain is experienced, and how the intensity and severity of pain is a subjective matter, which is what makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint and manage. Most pain clinical trials rely on the reported outcomes of the patient but too often there’s a combination of both bias along with compliance issues which could call the data into question.

ObvioHealth provides tips to ensure the integrity of validated questionnaires, boost compliance through the use of real-time data, minimize the effects of other drugs, reduce the placebo effect, and define and diagnose pain in new ways.

One of the main benefits of virtualizing clinical trials specifically for pain was pointed out by ObvioHealth, and that is how digital tools can help define and diagnose pain in an entirely different manner than ever before, thanks to researching having the ability to find new ways to actual uncover evidence of pain, meaning subjective patient reporting of pain can be relying on a lot less. These tools can connect the dots between data points to better characterize pain, which ultimately helps develop improved diagnostic and treatment tools.

When it comes to the future of pain clinical trials, preventing acute pain from worsening into chronic pain is one of the main priorities and the first step in a pain management plan. Now, thanks to ObvioHealth’s partnership with Dedalus Group, sponsors and other research organizations can conduct improved pain research, mostly by offering access to metadata insights from electrical health records of large patient populations.

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