Observ Skincare Device Up For Third Award

For the third year in a row, the Observ diagnostic device is up for an Aesthetician's Choice award. Learn more at http://www.observ-diagnostic.com/

For the third year in a row, the revolutionary skincare device Observ is up for an award in the equipment category for the annual Aesthetician’s Choice Dermascope Awards. Observ has swept the category for the past two years running, and having been nominated again for a third time, has the opportunity to win the title for 2018 as well.

Founder and Managing Director Rene Serbon could not be more pleased with this accomplishment, noting that she is “grateful the world is getting the chance to see the Observ technology and experience its capabilities, all through the visibility the Aesthetician’s Choice Dermascope Awards offers nominees and winners”.

The Observ device uses skin fluorescent technology to illuminate and diagnose irregularities and issues deep below the dermal surface. Often referred to as a dermascope or a dermatoscope, this device has a whole wealth of possible applications, one of the reasons it has excelled in the Aesthetician’s Choice awards year after year. One of the many benefits of the system that keeps clinics lining up to purchase is the fact that it integrates with an app via Bluetooth, allowing the device to send and store pictures of a clients’ session, keeping track of treatment progress and showing results in a very visible way. Medi-Spa owner Liane Warwick says of the device, “it’s a fantastic way to see what issues clients have that may not have been previously diagnosed. The Observ device has had a big impact for so many clients.”

Utilizing a technology not dissimilar to the Woods Lamp, Observ can get under the skin in more detail than any other product on the market. Developed by Dutch engineer Walter Arkesteijn, Observ scans the skin with a number of different light sources and photographs what’s happening under the dermis. This allows clinicians, spas, nurses, and other medical professionals to diagnose underlying conditions and propose a treatment plan, one that, as mentioned, can be tracked for effectiveness session over session.

To learn more about Observ or the Aesthetician’s Choice Dermascope Awards, visit http://www.observ-diagnostic.com/

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