Objection Handling Mastery Program Updates Online Course with 180 Day Guarantee

Objection Handling Mastery now features a newly updated 180 day satisfaction guarantee for all program participants along with other updates related to helping participants affected by COVID-19.

An online course focused on helping business owners, sales people, and service professionals handle objections from customers and clients announced an update to its guarantee policy today.

The program, called Objection Handling Mastery and offered on the Begging to Buy learning platform, now features a 180 day satisfaction guarantee for all participants.

Complete information about the program may be found at https://beggingtobuy.com/objection-handling-mastery-program/

The program features a combination of lessons, interactive chat features, and a library of member requested content. The lessons are available via streaming within the online members area. The library of member suggested content includes regular relevant updates and fresh content on a routine basis.

While the program has always offered a satisfaction based guarantee to new members, the decision to offer a 180 day guarantee was a recent addition in the program’s development.

It is one of the measures adapted by the Begging to Buy platform in an effort to help small businesses struggling with the fallout from COVID-19. Other updates include an advance rebate program for the course along with other additional resources and discounts.

“Originally, it was going to be a fairly standard 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, but with all the businesses affected by COVID it made sense to extend the guarantee to help affected in one way or another,” says Justin Hall, the instructor of the program and narrator for many of the course videos.

“As competition increases in the marketplace, it becomes more and more important for business owners and service or sales professionals to be able to confidently and effectively handle objections,” stated Hall. “The guarantee should serve as a statement about the confidence that we have in the programs ability to help the people who participate.”

For more information about the program, visit the url listed above or visit the Begging to Buy platform website at https://beggingtobuy.com.

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