OB/GYN Written Board Prep Course & 2018 Must Pass Study Camps Schedule Released

Seeking to assist more American physicians to gain certification, Minnesota-based OB/GYN Board Prep, a board certification specialist, has released their 2018 Written Board Prep Course and 'Must Pass' Study Camp schedule. With high success rates for candidates, OB/GYN Board Prep offers extensive preparation.

Board certification specialist, OB/GYN Board Prep, based in Breckenridge, Minnesota, have released their 2018 schedule for written board prep courses and ‘must pass’ study camps. Covering fundamental knowledge necessary to obstetrics and gynecology, as well as exam-relevant information, the courses and camps run over two and a half days from March through to June.

More information is available at http://obgynboardprep.com.

Recently released, the 2018 written preparation course is ideal for the ABOGA/ AOBOG exam, while the ‘Must Pass’ Study Camps are best suited to previous exam failures or candidates that feel they need extra help to understand complex board topics.

Designed to cover all aspects of the OB/GYN board prep to ensure greater pass success, these courses and camps increase candidate confidence and help them to negotiate their way through board exams with higher efficiency. Those who cannot make it to these training sessions can opt to take oral, written, MOC and case list construction webinars, which run nightly.

The Written Board Prep Course schedule includes ten written board prep courses held in Key West, Florida on March 31-April 2; Houston Texas on April 7-9; Chicago, Illinois on April 14-16; Washington, DC on April 21-23; Costa Mesa, California on April 28-30; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 5-7; Newark, New Jersey on May 12-14; Livonia, Michigan on May 19-21; Atlanta, Georgia on May 26-28; and Baltimore, Maryland on June 2-4. All candidates must registraer for each course before each event.

On the other hand, the ‘Must Pass’ Study Camps are in Key West, Florida on June 9-11; Chicago, Illinois on June 16-18; and Newark, New Jersey on June 22-24. As with the courses, all candidates must register for each camp before commencement.

With high success rates for candidates, OB/GYN Board Prep prides themselves on offering one of the most extensive preparation schedules ever seen. Board certified doctors with years of practical experience running all exams, camps, and webinars.

When asked about OB/GYN Board Prep, a spokesperson for the company said, “We offer leading board reviews, and we have an extensive history and success rate. In fact, 90% of American OBGYN board candidates trust us with their exam prep. Over the last 25-years we’ve helped more than 20,000 physicians to prepare for their board exams.

To find out more about OB/GYN Board Prep and their 2018 schedule, call 9877 831 1565 or visit the link above.

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