OB/GYN Physician Preparation Board Prep Case Courses Dr Denise McSherry Launched

A new series of case list construction and critique courses has been launched by OB/GYN Board Prep, the leading exam preparation service in the country. It prides itself on its high quality advice and guidance.

OB/GYN Board Prep, the leading and most comprehensive board prep training and exam provider in the country, has announced two new courses coming up in July. These are the case list construction and critique courses, taking place on July 8 in Chicago, and July 15 in Newark, NJ. People will be able to review the most common questions and errors and learn how to keep their caselist clean, as well as how to steer away from adding entries to their list that could hurt their outcome.

More information can be found at: http://obgynboardprep.com.

The 2017 Case List Construction and Critique Workshop is described as a must for any candidate wanting to prepare for their Oral Boards, because going through the event and having their case list reviewed prior to submission to the board offers a huge opportunity to change the outcome of the exam.

Participants will be able to learn the common pitfalls and traps to avoid when constructing their case list, and have their own case list carefully reviewed by a Board Certified faculty member, checking for errors and where it can be improved.

OB/GYN Board Prep is the leading provider for exam preparation in the country. It is trusted by 90% of American OBGYN Board candidates wanting to prepare for their exams, and has an extensive history and impressive success rate when it comes to oral and written exams.

Founded by Dr Denise McSherry, the company prides itself on offering the best board preparation courses available, taught by a highly trained team of experts who are themselves board certified physicians.

The company has over 25 years of history, and has assisted with over 20,000 physicians in preparing for their board exams. It can provide oral and written exam preparation, with a wide range of options available.

In addition to this, it offers a range of nightly live and interactive webinars, including written webinars, oral webinars, moc webinars and case list construction.

Full details of the new courses, and how they can benefit participants, can be found on the URL above.

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