OB/GYN Medical Board Prep Dr Denise McSherry Certification Announced

Dr McSherry, the head of OB/GYN Board Prep, has announced that she has taken the Medical Board tests herself and is now certified until 2022. This will help the company to continue its quest to be the best education provider for the exams online.

The CEO of a training firm for passing the OB/GYN Medical Board test has now taken and passed the tests herself. This means that Dr Denise McSherry will be Medical Board certified until 2022. Her company, OB/GYN Board Prep, has established itself as the most comprehensive of its type available online.

More information can be found at: http://obgynboardprep.com.

Dr McSherry has over seven years of experience in the industry, and has lectured to over 5,000 residents on the different techniques they can use to get ready to successfully pass the written exam. Her main interests are based around helping OB/GYN residents and attending physicians to gain their own board certification.

Now that she has again certified herself, she is in the best place to continue the high quality work that OB/GYN Board Prep offers in preparing for and passing the oral and written exams, and in MOC exam preparation as well.

A number of other team members are also Board Certified, and these include Dr Richard Farnam, Dr James Kerns, Dr Glenn Bernstein, and Dr Brooke Davidson. In addition to this, Dr Laurel A Walton is also Board Certified, as is Dr Navita Modi.

The OB/GYN site offers a range of information and course details for people to learn about prior to taking their exams. It explains that the oral examination consists of three hours with six examiners, and an hour each is set aside for focusing on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Office practice concentrations.

Further, half of the exam is directed at questions which are themselves taken from the Casey list and, while the other half is built on the Case of the Day/Scenarios.

Meanwhile, the written exam can be prepared for through a wide range of exam prep courses based around the philosophy that to pass a written exam, the participant must take a written exams as part of their preparation.

Through taking courses and webinars as part of the OB/GYN Board Prep education schemes, people can get the best groundwork and education they need to achieve the results they want in the exams.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

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