OB/GYN Board Prep Medical Exam Certification Physician Must Pass Tests Launched

OB/GYN Board Prep, the leading Medical Board Certification company in the country, has launched a series of "Must Pass" tests in the build up to the written examination. It helps people to expand their knowledge and get a better chance of success.

A series of new “Must Pass” classes have been launched by OB/GYN Board Prep, the company which has become renowned for its high quality classes and helping people to successfully attain Medical Board Certification. The three “Must Pass” courses take place in Chicago, Key West, and Newark, and take place in the month of the written examination.

More information can be found at: http://obgynboardprep.com.

The site explains that OB/GYN Board Prep is the leading OBGYN board review course in the nation, and has a long history of success for people taking both the oral and written exams available.

OB/GYN Board Prep prides itself on its high quality courses and strives to maintain its status as the gold standard for Medical Board preparation. It has over 25 years of history, and has assisted over 20,000 physicians preparing for their board certification exams.

This means that over 60% of the physicians in the country have trusted OB/GYN Board Prep with their training, information and preparation ahead of taking the tests.

The company is run by Dr Denise McSherry, who herself is Board Certified, and has a primary interest in preparing OB/GYN residents and attending physicians to successfully attain their own Board Certification.

She has over seven years of experience, and during this time has lectured over 5,000 residents on how to successfully pass the written exam they must take in order to secure their certification.

The “Must Pass” courses offered by OB/GYN Board Prep is cited as a must for previous exam failures, and candidates who need extra help understanding some of the more complex topics that will come up during the examination.

It is an interactive course during which candidates will present assigned topics in front of the class, while faculty members interact to ensure everyone fully understands what is being discussed. The site explains that all the material presented is high yield topics, which are fundamental to Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice.

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