Obamacare Coverage For January 1st Expiring Soon

Consumers that are looking to be covered for the wholesome of 2016 only have minimal time to write up their Obamacare plans before it's too late. Meanwhile, more convenient actions can be taken before they consider writing a plan with a government-ran agency.

Hundreds of thousands of applications have been written for an Obamacare plans that will be effective by the 1st of January thus far, and with less than a week to go, ezHealthMart predicts “many more to come”, writing 35% of their applications last year in this same exact week. For better understandings of how the scale works, by writing a plan before December 15th, the health insurance plan will be effective on January 1st of the following year. If written between December 15th – January 14th, the plan won’t be effective until February 1st of the following year. If written between January 15th – January 31st, the plan won’t be effective until March 1st of the following year. And otherwise, no plans can be written after February 1st unless written by a specialized enrollment company, which can be costly.

The best thing is to sign up before December 15th to make sure there isn’t an uninsured gap time between the expiration of 2015 plans and the activation of the 2016 plans. Many people go to the main Health Insurance Marketplace sites such as CoventryOne or HealthCare’s online application site, to apply quickly and from the comforts of their home. Though there are better options that are more cost-efficient out on the Health Insurance Marketplace, this is what most people tend to flop to. To find out more on different options and privately sold, premium plans on the marketplace, read below:

There’s actually two ways to apply for Obamacare health insurance in the marketplace. There’s private exchange, or The Health Insurance Marketplace (the government facilitated websites). Which Path is Better? Here are a list of pros and cons for both. Here are the positives when it comes to the Private Exchanges such as ezHealthMart’s website: http://www.ezhealthmart.com/ First: consumers can buy health insurance from licensed agents, online and in person (there are many times, especially when the consumer is self employed, where they must upload multiple documents which is much better when a consumer may go to an enrollment center such as ezHealthMart’s Enrollment Center’s Page and have an agent do it for them), or directly from insurance companies. Second, private enrollment centers are typically staffed with licensed health insurance agents. There are more options when shopping for plans through a licensed agent. Examples are Major Medical Plans (Under the ACA, consumers who do not qualify for or want a subsidy, but who want to avoid the tax penalty, can buy major medical health plans that meet ACA coverage standards on or off of government-run state exchanges). The rest of the info on this matter may be found by clicking here on ezHealthMart’s website blog for How To Get Obamacare correctly.

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