Oakville Psychologist Anxiety Depression Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis Launch

The well-known psychologist Michele Renaud, available at (905) 594-1114, is offering hypnotherapy to all those in Oakville, Ontario who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

Michele Renaud, a registered psychologist and psychotherapist is offering a unique brand of clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy for all those in Oakville, Ontario, who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

More information is available at http://michelerenaud.com.

Michele Renaud is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience helping children, adolescents and adults in Oakville and the nearby areas of Ontario overcome their problems and transform their lives.

For all those in the area who are struggling with anxiety and depression, the well-known psychologist is offering a unique brand of therapy which combines traditional psychology with clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

This proven therapeutic approach helps patients tap into both their conscious and unconscious mind and use their own inner healing wisdom to overcome any worries, fears and beliefs that imprison them and unleash the joy, balance and happiness they have inside.

Since everyone is different and unique, she always tailors the therapy to the unique kind of anxiety and depression the client is dealing with and can bring a variety of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or energy psychology techniques into the mix, if and when it’s needed.

All this paired with a compassionate, patient and non-judgmental attitude, which has made her one of the most coveted psychologists among families in Ontario.

Her therapy is available both in English and French at her offices in Oakville and St. Catharines or online for those who are unable to accommodate the travel or just feel more comfortable doing it in the comfort of their own home.

The team at Michele Renaud’s offices explains “Michele has a unique gift in the way she relates soul, mind and body in her therapy. With a unique and integrative approach, she can help anyone tap into their own healing wisdom and experience change in all areas of their life.”

To book an appointment with Michele Renaud and find out more about the psychology and clinical hypnosis she is offering, clients can call (905) 594-1114, visit her at 416 North Service Rd E #100 in Oakville or check her website at the link provided above.

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