Oakville ON Sports Injury Physiotherapy – Chronic Pain Relief Treatments Updated

Oakville, Ontario-based certified advanced manual physiotherapists Pinnacle Physiotherapy (+1-905-842-8100) has announced new updates to its non-invasive treatment alternatives for individuals dealing with sports injuries. The reputable professionals use their proven physiotherapy techniques to restore patients’ movement, improve strength, and relieve pain.

The recent update features a holistic approach to pain relief that includes a combination of personalized rehabilitation plans, therapeutic exercises, and comprehensive education to ensure patients can get back to their regular life as fast as possible.

Additional information is available at https://pinnacle-physio.com

The highly experienced physiotherapists provide hands-on treatments delivered in private and comfortable rooms. All aspects of the procedure are offered by CAMPT-certified and registered professionals. Through its updated services, the Oakville physiotherapists ensure lasting pain-free mobility, while educating patients on the best approach and lifestyle changes to avoid a relapse.

Pinnacle Physiotherapy comprises a team of professionals specially trained to diagnose and treat a variety of disorders affecting joints, muscles, bones, and nerves.

Their patient-focused approach is centered on identifying the root cause of the injury and using high-standard physiotherapy methodologies to treat the condition.

Before treatment can begin, the experienced professionals from Pinnacle Physiotherapy will take the time to assess the patient’s health history and perform an extensive physical exam that includes evaluation of the patient’s range of motion, strength, nerve issues, pain, mobility, and function.

With the information at hand, the team will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient’s unique situation. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment may include procedures, such as LASER, ultrasound, and electrical stimulations to help ease the pain and swelling.

Besides treating sports-related injuries, Pinnacle Physiotherapy can treat a range of other orthopedic conditions, such as neck and back pain, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, and jaw pain.

Patients can expect the highest level of care and attention to detail, from initial contact to when they walk into the clinic and throughout the treatment.

The clinic accepts major insurance providers and will, in most cases, help patients file their claims. They are available to attend to patients even with no doctor referral.

A satisfied patient said: “My family and I have been clients at Pinnacle for many years. I cannot say enough good things about the skills and professionalism of Sharon and Rina. The results speak for themselves – they have helped us heal on multiple occasions, from sports injuries, repetitive strain, automobile collision, and more. They are the best.”

Interested parties can visit https://pinnacle-physio.com to find more details.

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