Oak Lawn IL Dentist- Treatment For Kids Sleep Disorders Launched

Dr. Michael B. Smith of Inside the Smile, a dental clinic based in Oak Lawn, launched complete solutions for children suffering from breathing-related sleep disorders. By helping children correct their dentition and promoting healthy breathing habits, Dr. Smith addresses a variety of sleep disorders.

Inside the Smile, a full-service dental clinic based in Oak Lawn, Illinois, announced that it will be offering the innovative Healthy Start solutions to help children suffering from dental-related sleep disorders. The clinic uses cutting-edge technology to provide complete orthodontic and dental solutions for mouth breathing, snoring, grinding teeth and other conditions.

More information can be found at https://insidethesmile.com.

Dental problems can lead to a variety of sleep disorders, with studies estimating that approximately nine in ten children suffer from symptoms of sleep related breathing problems.

Dr. Michael B Smith of Inside the Smile announced that his clinic will be providing the highly effective Healthy Start orthodontic appliances to help children improve their dentition and eliminate the root causes of a variety of sleep disorders.

The Healthy Start appliances are US-made and silicone free for a safe, hypoallergenic orthodontic experience. Custom-designed for each child, these solutions require no braces and can easily be used by the children themselves starting as early as age 2.

By using the Healthy Start technology, Dr. Smith offers complete treatments that can eliminate symptoms such as mouth breathing, snoring, grinding teeth, swollen tonsils, chronic allergies and various others.

The recent services are part of Dr. Smith’s commitment to providing the Oak Lawn community with cutting-edge dental and orthodontic solutions for clients of all ages.

A satisfied client said: “I love Dr. Smith and the entire practice. I was leary of attending the practice once the original dentist left, but Dr. Smith is outstanding and I am so happy he is taking care of my mouth. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and makes you feel right at home. My whole family is now part of this family and our smiles are as healthy and bright as can be. I would definitely recommend Inside the Smile.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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