Oak City Coffee introduces 1st nitrogen infused cold brew coffee on Amazon.com

Oak City Coffee Roasters announced the availability of their new Cold Brew Coffee, Infused with Nitrogen "Oak City Nitro - Cold Brew Coffee" beginning 08/20/2016. More information can be found at amazon.com.

Customers looking for the latest Cold Brew Coffee, Infused with Nitrogen can now purchase Oak City Nitro – Cold Brew Coffee by Oak City Coffee Roasters. Today Bruce Kernan, Head of marketing at Oak City Coffee Roasters releases details of Oak City Nitro – Cold Brew Coffee’s development.

Oak City Nitro – Cold Brew Coffee is designed to appeal specifically to coffee lovers and includes: Cold Brew Coffee, Infused with Nitrogen – This feature was included because Nitro Coffee has the refreshing smoothness of ice cold brew, with Nitro for a creamy texture, and heck, it looks like a Guinness!. This is great news for the consumer as now they can take their Nitro coffee anywhere! Shake well (the more the better), Pour Hard… Enjoy!

Consciously Sourced – The coffee comes from growers in Central America and Africa. Their goal is to use generous trade practices as they deal directly with the farmers. They also support micro finance and community development projects that create opportunities and improve the quality of life. Customers who buy Oak City Nitro – Cold Brew Coffee can fell good about their purchase not only because its delicious coffee but the purchase also helps encourage good global business practices.

Bruce Kernan, when asked about Oak City Nitro – Cold Brew Coffee said:

“This coffee is delicious! It has a blend of Central American and African coffee flavors that make it sweet, while the Nitro offers a creamy smoothness texture and pours like a Guinness!”

This is Oak City Coffee Roasters’s First release of a new product and Bruce Kernan is particularly excited about this release. The great flavor, the refreshing experience of drinking Nitro infused cold coffee and the consciously sourced approach makes this a good beverage that customers can feel good about

Those interested in learning more or purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.amazon.com/Oak-City-Nitro-Nitrogen-Ori…

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