O2E2 Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Machine And Breathing Kit Website Launched

Optimal Breathing announced the launch of a new website featuring the O2E2 oxygen generation machine that is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hyperbaric chambers. Users exercising with the O2E2 kit experience improved healing, circulation, and energy levels.

Optimal Breathing, an oxygen therapy health and wellness company announced the launch of a new website showcasing the O2E2 Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) machine and breathing kit. The portable oxygen multistep therapy kit includes an oxygen concentrator machine, a respiration bag, and a Mega Flow mask.

More information about Optimal Breathing is available at http://optimaloxygenation.com

Olympic athletes routinely use hyperoxic training regiments to improve their performance. EWOT involves exercising with high concentrations of oxygen—up to four times the level found in the air. Optimal Breathing has introduced the O2E2 oxygen therapy kit as a viable alternative to hyperbaric chambers used by elite athletes.

The core of the O2E2 system is the oxygen concentrator machine that generates more than 10 liters of oxygen per minute. During exercise, the average person breathes in more than 50 liters of oxygen. The EWOT system includes a 500- or 900-liter oxygen reservoir bag to store oxygen for a full workout.

Users breathe through the Turbo Oxygen Mega Flow mask that delivers supplemental oxygen during their workout. Optimal Breathing estimates that a 15-minute EWOT session is more beneficial than a hyperbaric chamber. EWOT protocol may be applied at home, in a gym, or at a training facility and is suitable for athletes, general users, and the elderly.

O2E2 machines are portable and offer a wide range of health benefits including improved energy levels, strength, better sleep, peak strength, and blood circulation. Consistent EWOT exercise routines increase ATP production, accelerates the healing of wounds, and burns 30 percent more calories. O2E2 can be used as a supplemental aid to recover from injury, illness, or shortness of breath.

According to a spokesperson for the anti-inflammation oxygen multistep therapy kit supplier, “We are delighted to launch the O2E2 EWOT therapy system for home use. The benefits surpass that of hyperbaric chambers as the additional oxygen intake combined with exercise increases the heart rate and allows more oxygen to reach the tissues where it is needed.”

O2E2—TurboOxygen Multi-Step Therapy is an oxygen generator machine that uses zeolite to absorb atmospheric nitrogen and generate 93 to 97 percent oxygen. The kit is available with a 50-foot hose, a humidifier bottle, and a nasal cannula.

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