NZ’s Ebony Boutique announces the release of Merino Fundamentals Range

NZ’s Ebony Boutique announces the release of Ebony Merino New Zealand’s fundamentals range which includes ever popular women’s crew neck thermal base layers

NZ’s Ebony Boutique announces the release of Ebony Merino New Zealand’s fundamentals range which includes women’s thermal base layers made from 100% NZ and Australian merino wool as seen here

The range of women’s knitwear by Ebony Merino NZ is suited for use indoors or outdoors. They can be worn as thermals, base layers, or outer layers and during a range of activities. The range of fundamental tops, jumpers, accessories, leggings, and pants can be worn year-round because the merino wool they are made from reacts to moisture in the air which generates heat in cold temperatures and wicks moisture away from the skin in warm weather. This also makes merino wool clothing odour resistant. 100% pure merino wool is natural, breathable, self-extinguishing and one of the least flammable fibres around which makes it the best choice for outdoor adventures.

Ebony Hessey has owned and been the designer of Ebony Merino NZ for 15 years and it is a family affair with both her parents and grandparents producing the well-known Glengyle Knitwear since 1951. Now supported by her husband Steve, Ebony strives to bring a long lasting, lightweight, easy care and luxurious range of merino thermals which can be worn next to the skin. Ebony Merinos weigh 210gsm and the merino wool micron count is a superfine 18.5. This is why they feel so much softer, denser, and lighter than other wools.

Ebony has designed a range of fundamentals which give women of all shapes and sizes choices. Despite being an essential clothing range, the tops and bottoms are respectfully crafted and wear extremely well. They are anti-pilling and long lasting so they can be worn as an outer layer or as a base layer as the colours stay vibrant, aren’t covered in little fluff balls and they are skilfully finished. See the most popular crew neck thermal base and outer layer tops here

Each style is thoughtfully designed by Ebony to meet the needs of all women. The fundamental base thermal range have crew, vee, turtle, scoop, or high necklines to flatter every woman as well as providing options to layer. The body styles come in straight, fitted, a-line or swing and the gentle drape of the knit allows them to skim the body lightly. For extra options and comfort the Ebony Merino NZ top range also comes in regular, mid-length or longline lengths. With so many choices all women can find a merino wool thermal base layer that was cut with them in mind.

Another, factor that sets the Ebony Merino NZ fundamental range of merino clothing apart is the vast array of colours. Most thermal base layers come in black, greys and the occasional seasonal choice. Each year Ebony Boutique will have 18 or more colours to bring out various complexions. With Ebony Merino there are always the classic and traditional black, grey, navy options however, every season they also release earthy tones, pastels and bright’s. No other women’s thermal base layer range of crew and vee neck tops offer as many choices season after season.

Lastly, but not at all least … Ebony Boutique NZ are proud to be able to play their part in protecting the environment. The fundamental range of merino wool clothing is muelsing-free. With the wool sourced 100% from NZ and Australian farms it can traced back to its source. Also, like merino wool biodegrades, Ebony Boutique have switched to using compostable packaging for their clothing and courier bags to help minimise the impact fashion has on the environment.

The range of women’s merino wool indoor and outdoor clothing is sold through Ebony Boutique and other retailers throughout Australia and NZ. It is the small details, simplicity and quality of Ebony Merino NZ clothing that sets it apart. This is slow, thoughtful fashion at its best.

Those interested can shop online at Ebony Boutique NZ or buy instore at Ngatea, Waihi Beach, Paeroa, or Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand

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