NYC Workers Compensation Insurance Construction Industry Services Expanded

NYC workers' compensation insurance agency Enforce Coverage Group expanded its custom insurance brokerage services to Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, and the surrounding region. The agency offers cost-effective workers comp solutions to construction contractors in more than 100 class codes.

Enforce Coverage Group, a leading NYC workers compensation insurance agency, announced the expansion of its New York City insurance services for the construction industry to Long Island and Queens. The agency offers custom-designed programs for construction companies and professionals in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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The workers’ compensation insurance specialists in NYC now cover businesses in Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Bronx, and Westchester County.

Workers’ compensation insurance for NYC contractors is a specialty product that protects construction workers from lost wages and medical expenses because of illness or injury. Businesses also benefit from this type of insurance because it covers them from employee claims and financial losses.

Enforce Coverage Group helps new and established businesses get workers compensation policies and renew expiring policies to stay compliant with New York’s stringent workers’ comp laws. The agency offers policy evaluation services that determine the type of policy and coverage required for more than 100 construction industry class codes.

The agency reports successfully saving up to 28 percent off manual rates for workers compensation insurance for NYC clients. In addition to worker’s compensation insurance, the Long Island workers’ compensation insurance company offers cost-effective brokerage and agency services across all major insurance products.

These policies cover employee and business costs in the event of sickness, slip and fall accidents, ongoing care costs, funeral expenses, transportation, car accidents, workplace violence, head injuries, exposure to hazardous chemicals, fires, electrocution, machinery accidents. Policies even cover overexertion from heavy lifting, excessive pulling, or pushing.

Enforce Coverage Group helps owners and businesses balance price and value on business insurance, general liability, commercial auto and trucks, equipment insurance, professional liability, errors and omissions coverage, and property insurance.

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According to a spokesperson for the New York State workers’ comp insurance agency, “We are pleased to expand our operations to cover more businesses within New York. Our team of workers compensation specialists spends time understanding each business and the cycles that may change their company situation. We also make sure that our clients are covered properly within the correct code classification and not overpaying.”

Enforce Coverage Group is a full-service insurance agency founded by Patrick J. Ryder and Patrick W. Scanlon, commercial insurance and underwriting professionals with more than two decades of experience.

For more information about reviewing business workers’ compensation policies in New York State, call 212-947-4298 or visit the links above.

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