NYC Hard Money Private Lender | Quick No-DSCR Property Financing Launched

HGRN Capital, a private money lender based in New York City has announced the launch of a no-income-verification direct private funding programs for 1-4 family investment homes, small mixed-use properties, and commercial real estate.

No-income-verification mortgages are now available from HGRN Capital, a New York City-based private money lender. The non-institutional lender can close loans that traditional lenders turn down and is a viable alternative to banks and credit unions. HGRN Capital works with the debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) of properties, offering no-DSCR programs that do not require income verification.

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The goal of HGRN Capital, which uses its own funds, is to help borrowers in New York and New Jersey who are unable to obtain financing from other sources. The firm has launched no-DSCR loans on 1-4 family investment homes and small mixed-use property loans with loan amounts ranging from 2 million to 10 million dollars.

HGRN Capital offers programs with no income verification, bypassing the qualification guidelines of traditional lending institutes. Private and direct lending does not require applicants to enclose copies of payslips, credit reports, or tax returns. The hard money lender permits borrowers to use additional documents such as bank statements to demonstrate their ability to repay a mortgage.

Direct loans were initially designed to help people whose seasonality, self-employment, or independent contracting complicated their income statements. No-income-verification real estate loans are a cost-effective alternative for those who have complex tax returns or are unable to verify their monthly earnings easily.

The team at HGRN Capital offers a customer-focused, hassle-free, and fast money lending service with minimal loan requirements. The firm typically approves loans within 48 hours and closes within 10 days with a 100% success rate.

The NYC private lending firm is a direct commercial lender for small businesses with faster application processing and funding times than commercial mortgage lenders and small business funding agencies.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are a New York City Private Lender that only uses its own funds. Our focus is to assist borrowers that are not able to secure financing through other sources. We believe that if we have good collateral then we can afford to allow our borrowers the time and freedom to freely operate their business and put their finances back on track.”

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