NYC Fire Extinguisher Inspection Company Announces Recharge & Tagging Service

A&J Fire Extinguisher, of Brooklyn, New York, has announced it can provide local companies with servicing for all their fire extinguisher needs. Customers can also buy fire extinguishers, and get tagging, recharge and refill.

A&J Fire Extinguisher, a leading Brooklyn NYC based fire extinguisher inspection service, supplier and installation company, has announced it can provide local commercial building owners with the latest fire extinguisher servicing to avoid violations. Through serving local companies, the firm can ensure that they don’t mistakenly violate NYC fire code.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that A&J Fire Extinguisher helps commercial building owners to avoid these NYC fire code violations, which can be highly damaging. What’s more, the company can keep their fire extinguisher systems up to date to ensure their safe and reliable running in times of need.

A&J Fire Extinguisher is a full service shop and sales NAFED member, with a team of highly trained experts who can work with companies in the Brooklyn, New York area.

Any companies worried about the fire safety or wanting the latest fire extinguishers can get in touch. In addition to this, the company can help to ensure peace of mind among local businesses through providing them with thorough inspections.

The NYC & Brooklyn fire extinguisher inspection and supplier service company offers FDNY licensed inspections for fire extinguishers in the local area. It also offers local commercial enterprises the chance to buy high quality, reliable fire extinguishers for all their fire safety needs.

A&J Fire Extinguisher can provide tagging, recharge and refill, along with FDNY code violation removal, correction and repairs. In addition to this, the fire extinguisher experts can offer customers fire extinguisher survey and recommendations to ensure the safety of their office building.

Other services provided include internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Interested parties can get fast, free quotes through getting in touch on the URL above or by calling the contact number on (718) 852-2762.

A free quote form is provided on the URL above, so anyone can sign up for more information.

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