NYC Fire Extinguisher Company Analyzes Fire Safety Technological Advancements

A&J Fire Extinguisher Acknowledges Technological Advancements Taking Firefighting to Next Level as fire safety leaders look to advanced technologies to assist with extinguishing efforts.

A&J Fire Extinguisher, a leading Brooklyn, New York-based fire extinguisher inspection and supplier company providing products and services for all of NYC’s fire protection needs, has been examining new fire safety technologies and the advancements that are responsible for taking firefighting to the next level. From analyzing research that has indicated engineering students have harnessed sound to put out fires using a chemical- and water-free extinguisher – previously covered in an A&J news release – to speaking to fire safety leaders who understand that firefighting has long since evolved from the primitive days of pouring water onto ranging flames, A&J representatives acknowledge that advanced technologies are assisting with extinguishing efforts.

“In recent years, civil engineers and firefighters have adopted new methods to put out fires and save lives,” says Principal of A&J Fire Extinguisher. “Firefighting techniques are divided amongst three categories – preemptive, suppressive and survival – with preemptive technologies working to prevent a fire before it begins, suppressive technologies referring to techniques employed to douse flames which have already begun burning and, in worst-case scenarios, survival technologies working to save firefighters and civilians from the confrontation of flames, smoke and debris.

“With these in mind, a bevy of innovative solutions to fighting fires has emerged, all of which will undoubtedly save thousands of lives. We here at A&J will continue keeping a keen eye on the development of these technologies so that we may inform our client base of significant changes in the market.”

Among the advancements A&J Fire Extinguisher has been examining are Sweden’s futuristic firefighting helmet, fire shelters made from space-age materials, fire extinguishing grenades, new rapid extinguishing technologies such as the Fire Extinguishing Ball and sonic fire extinguishers. Of these, the C-Thru Firefighting Helmet has been making quite the splash, presenting a futuristic protection device which integrates multiple technologies; somewhat similar to a fighter pilot’s helmet, certain information is projected onto the lens, providing a useful heads-up display including data such as temperature, remaining oxygen and CO2 levels, while a thermal imaging camera can also be implemented to enable firefighters to retain visibility even in thick smoke.

“Throughout history, copious amounts of money have been poured into fire suppressive technology, and though they are expensive, no amount of money could ever replace the lives they protect,” concludes Principal of A&J.

A&J Fire Extinguisher is the leading fire extinguisher service provider in New York City and provides products and services for all fire protection needs. The company utilizes the latest technology to keep required equipment up-to-date and in compliance with the ever-changing fire code laws of the city.

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