NYC Employee Shuttle Service – Corporate Group Transportation/Bus Rental Launch

Brooklyn, New York—Corporate Express, Inc., a group transportation service provider, announces new updates to their employee shuttle service for businesses looking to enhance their employees’ commute experience. The company is on a mission to make group travel seamless and enjoyable for clients.

As employees return to the office in the wake of the pandemic, employers grapple with finding creative ways to help them acclimatize to the new work environment, including commuting to the workplace. For most remote workers who haven’t had to go to the office in over a year, adjusting to the new schedule could pose a challenge. Employers can now minimize the effect of long commute hours on their staff by providing charter employee shuttles to remove the hassle of driving themselves to and from work.

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The updated service is customized to provide a truly private experience for employees, providing them with all the amenities they need for an enjoyable trip.

Whether the employer is looking for a group travel arrangement to attend an important business meeting, corporate event, or even visit a branch office, the New York employee transportation company can help.

The company can handle every aspect of the trip, from beginning to end, including organizing convenient pickup and drop-off points, finding perfect vehicles that meet clients’ requirements, as well as managing parking and navigation.

They have an extensive selection of vehicles fitted with various features that ensure passengers’ comfort. Depending on the client’s needs, the company can provide them with luxury or regular vehicles, including coach buses, mini-buses, sprinter vans, among others.

Since Corporate Express prioritizes quality customer experience, they have a 3-step streamlined rental process that ensures clients’ group travel needs are met quickly and professionally.

Also, the company works with highly trained drivers who know their way around New York City. They require their drivers to pass a rigorous pre-employment screening that includes thorough background checks—and to show their on-job experience before getting hired.

Interested parties can book their employee group travel shuttle on the website above. From there, a knowledgeable company representative will get in touch to confirm their order and send a personalized quote covering all the associated costs.

A company spokesperson said: “No one wants the hassle of driving themselves, especially to an important business event. With our New York employee shuttle services, you can put all the hassles onto us, and we’ll organize the group travel for you.”

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