NYC Custom Foyer Chandelier Bespoke Sconce Design Installations Launched

A new bespoke chandelier has been launched by Shakuff, the NYC-based decor and lighting experts. It offers a fully customizable, elegant solution to customers' illumination needs.

Shakuff, the NYC-based lighting and interior decor specialists known for their high quality and unique pieces, have launched a new Kadur Drizzle Chandelier. This unique design has a series of center orb pendants filled with drizzled glass fibers.

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The newly launched chandelier is an expansion in their decor line and offers customers a customizable modern solution to their lighting requirements.

Whether customers want individual pendants or a multi-pendant chandelier, they offer a tailored solution. Customers can also customize the colors, finish and sizes.

Shakuff is established itself as the leading custom lighting partner for high-end residential clients and interior design studios. The company is known for its wide-ranging style and bespoke pieces that help any indoor space stand out and create an impact.

After their work with Lululemon in Chicago, the team at Columbus Circle approached Shakuff with a request that focused on the clients’ experience indoors over outdoors.

The blown glass installation is designed to draw the eye vertically and lures shoppers upstairs to the men’s section. The chandelier features over 180 Kadur Drizzle pendants and no canopy for a clean, minimalist look.

A custom piece was also designed for Williamsburg Hotel. The team created two distinct features with over 300 pendants for the restaurant, and a separate array in the water tower.

By curating artists from around the world, they are able to bring unique designs to the public. This individuality is seen in the full customization options they offer with every piece being adaptable based on customer requirements.

Founded by Joseph Sidof, the custom lighting and decor company offers a variety of unique collections for customers to browse.

The newly launched Kadur Drizzle Chandelier is part of their new home decor collection. Customers can customize the piece with as many pendants as they need to fill the space required.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Our team will work closely with you to create a sculpture of light that perfectly fits your space and vision. Contact us with any questions about your unique project.”

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