NYC Aquascaping Fish Tank Installation Barrons Magazine Feature Announced

New York based Okeanos Aquascaping, the bespoke aquarium & pond installation company, was featured in Barron’s Magazine. It highlights the benefits of ponds and aquariums for mental health & more.

Okeanos Aquascaping announced their feature in the prestigious Barron’s Magazine, with a piece entitled “Home Aquariums Become Nature-Based Art Experiences.” It covers different installations of aquariums around the world, aquariums as design elements, mindfulness benefits and more.

Okeanos Aquascaping was selected for a stunning design created by Martin Schapira, a co-founder and lead designer for the company. He recently completed a 900 gallon aquarium that’s the main feature of a dance floor.

It featured color changing LED lights in a private residence in Lagos, Nigeria. Inside the tank, Martin opted for more than 60 Banggai Cardinalfish.

These fish have silver bodies striped with black, which ensure they compliment the room, which had a black and white design.

Martin stated: “I created two sloping reefs in the tank, leaving the center open so you can see the fish swimming in the middle of nowhere. The fish look like pieces of art, and they swim in unison like an orchestra.”

In addition to this large-scale installation, the team has also provided aquarium installations in Paris, London, and Australia.

Okeanos Aquascaping provides high quality custom fish tank design, custom aquariums, custom ponds, and water features.

In addition to this, it provides fish livestock and aquarium plants in private residences, commercial properties, museums and healthcare facilities.

Customers looking for custom fish tanks and specially designed bespoke aquariums can get in touch for high quality service.

Okeanos Aquascaping was founded by Martin Schapira and Nathan Kamelhar in NYC in 2002.

The company states: “An aquascape is a work life living art that constantly changes and evolves. Okeanos can recreate natural aquatic ecosystems while tailoring them to the specific ambiance of an interior space.”

It adds: “The world’s most vibrant underwater vistas can be uniquely rendered in miniature.”

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