NY Sports Bars Roku TV Marketing & Amazon Fire Video Ad Channel Service Launched

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Exclusive Leads Channel has launched a new TV channel marketing program for New York sports bars wanting more customers. It allows them to showcase content on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Exclusive Leads Channel has launched a new TV channel marketing campaign for New York sports bars wanting to bring in more leads on an ongoing basis. It harnesses the power of Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV to provide clients with their own dedicated channel at affordable prices.

More information can be found at: http://exclusiveleadschannel.com

The site explains that through working with Exclusive Leads Channel, sports bars wanting to get more customers can do so on a consistent basis with TV advertising. The process works in as little as four weeks, with a whole TV channel dedicated to the business at just 5% of the actual set up fee.

Exclusive Leads Channel helps New York sports bars to bring in new customers every day with a Roku TV channel, Amazon Fire TV channel, and other sources like social media ads, and reputation marketing.

The team works with clients to design their own TV channel focusing on their business, products and services. This allows clients to reach new customers in a cutting edge new way.

Roku is the leading provider of on-demand TV, and has over 26 million viewers in the US and overseas. In addition to this, Amazon Fire TV has its own huge customer base, with millions of customers.

Clients looking to create their own channel will therefore be able to get their content in front of millions of people. Their ads, programs and messages will appear alongside popular platforms like Netflix, Disney, and other content providers.

This means a huge boost in authority, positioning clients as leaders in their industry. It also means they will get huge spikes in traffic, and be able to generate more leads quickly and easily.

The client will provide their own video content, and the team at Exclusive Leads Channel will design, create and manage the channel for them.

There are a range of benefits to advertising on TV in this way, including mass marketing for maximum impact, because content can be seen by so many people.

Full details of the service can be found on the URL above.

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