NY Company Introduces Autism Saliva Test: Now Open to Investors

Quadrant Biosciences releases autism saliva test, Clarifi ASD™, and is now opening up an investment opportunity to the public.

Following the recent launch of its new autism saliva test, Quadrant Biosciences Inc. (“Quadrant Biosciences”) is opening up an investment opportunity to the public (including, for the first time, non-accredited investors), which fans and consumers within the biotechnology space may find interesting.

The Clarifi ASD test is the first of its kind

The idea for Clarifi ASD originated from clinical challenges a pediatrician was experiencing with patients. Due to growing awareness of autism, parents were expressing increasing concern at well-child visits. As a pediatrician, the tools available for identifying children with autism made it difficult to help parents get answers and access to early intervention quickly. Due to the rising rate of autism in the U.S. and increasing wait times for children to be evaluated for autism, children are on waiting lists for months, or even years before receiving a final diagnosis. If this waiting time could be reduced, children could be diagnosed and access intervention services earlier. Research shows that these support services and therapies can have a powerful impact and result in better long-term outcomes for children with autism, especially when applied before the age of three. When researchers discovered an epigenetic biomarker for autism, they saw the potential to change the lives of families struggling for answers.

Clarifi ASD has been in development for over seven years and is the product of scientific advancements in the area of epigenetics, i.e., the factors that influence how genes are turned on and off. Researchers at SUNY Upstate Medical University and Penn State Hershey College of Medicine discovered that certain RNA molecules that regulate gene expression and reflect interactions between a patient and their environment, were significantly different in children with autism. These included both non-coding human RNAs, such as microRNA, and microbial RNAs associated with specific bacteria in the microbiome. This research resulted in the first saliva test for autism called Clarifi ASD.

With research reporting an average wait time of three years between parents’ first concerns and receiving a final diagnosis, Clarifi ASD can provide an additional tool to help primary care physicians identify children with autism at earlier ages. Clarifi ASD was released to health care providers across the U.S. at the beginning of 2020. In addition, Quadrant Biosciences continues to work on other epigenetic diagnostic tests for Parkinson’s disease, concussion and more.

Quadrant Biosciences is offering common shares to the public in order to fund its ability to continue to develop and advance regulatory approval of this and other groundbreaking epigenetic diagnostic tests.

Quadrant Biosciences got its start in 2015 when company Founder Rich Uhlig, a former Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank, noticed a growing need for health care providers and parents to get diagnostic answers for children sooner. He became involved in biotechnology and neurological diagnostics when his son suffered a brain injury playing youth hockey.

“It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life,” Uhlig explains. “It’s even more rare to be in a position to positively change the trajectory of millions of lives. I believe our company is on the verge of just that, through our scientific breakthrough in the discovery of epigenetic biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder.”

Learn more about investing in Quadrant Biosciences and read important disclosures about the risks associated with this investment in the offering circular found here: www.quadrantbiosciences.com/investor-relations

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