NY Best Renovation Contractor Home Improvement Hiring Checklist Report Launched

A new NYC top renovation contractor report has been launched by Gerway Technology. It emphasizes the importance of doing research and asking for recommendations to avoid disappointment.

Gerway Technology has launched a new report on what to do when looking for a top renovation contractor in New York. It explains that it’s important to follow a number of steps to avoid disappointment and ensure that the home improvement project goes well.

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Nobody ever intends to work with a substandard home improvement specialist, but it doesn’t take much for a renovation project to go wrong. Among the potential troubles include inadequate craftsmanship, countless delays, and an ever-increasing expense.

In the worst cases, the service provider could take the payment, not finish the work, and then disappear with the home owner’s money.

The report from Gerway Technology highlights that complaints filed against residence enhancement specialists’ rate amongst the leading five problem groups in New York. In 2017, there were approximately 1,200 complaints filed against professionals in addition to a sum of around $2 million in penalties.

For anyone considering hiring a home improvement and renovation contractor, Gerway Technology offers a series of tips. The first is to speak to family and friends and get recommendations.

Word of mouth is still the best way to find reliable companies, as people will only recommend contractors that they’ve had good service from.

It’s also important to look around the neighborhood and talk to people about their experiences. Other tips include doing local searches online, and remembering that it can often be beneficial to work with companies around the corner rather than one hours away.

The report underscores the importance of contacting trade bodies and talking to local construction material suppliers, as they know the good companies to work with. It’s also important to make sure they are a licensed contractor in the NYC Building Government register.

The report continues: ”Don’t be afraid to contact the consumer affairs office once you have found a short list of contractors, its important because you will be able to find out existing and historic information about problem that have arisen from each contractors work check out NYC Open Data.”

It adds: “Do remember that some people will complain just because they can, no matter how good the service they have received or even if the work is of the highest standard, they will still complain often to try and get a reduced price.”

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