NY-Based Company Unveils Organic Lawn Fertilizer with 100% Vegan Plant Food

PRO ORGANIC lawn fertilizer is formulated to help develop strong root systems, maximize microorganism activity, and improve soil structure, to leave yards looking lush, vibrant, and healthy.

NY-based fertilizer company Shin Nong has announced the release of their new PRO ORGANIC lawn food.

While many brands take advantage of loose guidelines to claim that their product is “organic,” Shin Nong’s product is officially certified by the Organic Materials Review Institue (OMRI).

The latest addition to Shin Nong’s 100% organic and 100% vegan plant food lineup, PRO ORGANIC lawn fertilizer is formulated to help develop strong root systems, maximize microorganism activity, and improve soil structure, all in order to leave yards looking lush, vibrant, and healthy.

Additionally, lawn growers can rest assured that Shin Nong’s organic formula is safe for plants, pets, and the environment.

Shin Nong’s mission is to produce and encourage the use of all-natural fertilizer in an effort to preserve the environment and ensure plant health.

“Our plants and ecosystem have always treated us well,” says founder John Yun. “It’s time we return the favor, one small step at a time.”

Synthetic fertilizers contain a variety of harmful chemicals that can damage the soil and hurt micro-organisms living in the ground. Large amount of these toxins may even seep into groundwater and trickle into river systems, causing irreparable harm to wildlife and contaminating the water we drink.

On a larger scale, the chemical fertilizer industry even contributes to widespread pollution, since significant amounts of fossil fuels are required in their production. Inorganic formulas also contain excessive levels of nitrogen, a greenhouse gas that is heavily responsible for global warming. (Read more about the effect of nitrogen fertilizers on the environment).

Synthetic fertilizers are harmful for lawns as well, since they often work too quickly and overfeed the grass. High concentrations of substances like nitrogen can be damaging to plants and soil over time. Some chemical ingredients may even be dangerous for your skin and respiratory system.

To combat this environmental harm and ensure a healthy, safe, and beautiful lawn, Shin Nong uses only organic matter in their lawn food as well as all other products, from Tree & Shrub Fertilizer to Bonsai Food to All-Purpose Foliar Feeding Spray. (Check out PRO ORGANIC’s shop to explore the entire collection).

An organic approach to lawn care is not only better for the environment, but also much more effective in maintaining healthy soil and stimulating plant growth. Organic solutions provide a slow release, ensuring a longer-lasting supply and allowing plants to gradually absorb a healthy dose nutrients they need without risk of overfeeding. The right mix of all-natural ingredients will also improve the quality and texture of the soil, increasing its ability to hold water and reducing crusting of the surface. Finally, organic formulas are safer for your yard and less likely burn young and tender plants, since they have lower concentrations of substances like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) than their synthetic counterparts.

In addition to being fully organic, Shin Nong is also committed to being 100% vegan. Organic fertilizer often contains animal products such as blood meal or bone meal from cruelly factory-farmed livestock and fish meal from the unsustainable commercial fishing industry. However, PRO ORGANIC only uses all-natural ingredients from plant and Earth-based sources.

Shin Nong’s organic lawn food consists primarily of of rice bran, castor meal, and 17 Rare-Earth Elements (REEs). This innovative blend is specifically formulated to promote root development, increase plant biomass, and even improve the quality of fruiting bodies. On a molecular level, this mix of ingredients works to fortify cell membranes and cell walls, strenghtening your grass and reducing pest damage to ensure a lush, green turf.

At the end of the day, “a healthier lawn starts with healthier ingredients,” Yun assures.

PRO ORGANIC’s new organic fertilizer comes in a 22 lb. bag that can be sprinkled across over 2000 square feet of lawn. For best results, the Shin Nong team recommends feeding every three to four months.

For more tips on organic lawn care, check out Shin Nong’s in-depth blog that details how and when to feed a lawn.

PRO ORGANIC by Shin Nong is currently sold to Sparkill, Orangeburg, Palisades, Grand View-On-Hudson in NY and shipped to everywhere in the U.S.

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