Nursing Home Residents Incontinence Clothing Robes Jumpsuits Site Launched

Adaptive Clothing Showroom is a special needs clothing provider, making its clothing range catalog for the elderly and disabled, available online for customers to view and purchase via its new site.

Special needs clothing provider, Adaptive Clothing Showroom, has launched a site with its clothing range catalog for the elderly and disabled, available online for customers to view and purchase.

For more information about the Adaptive Clothing Showroom products and clothing range, visit the new site via the following link:

Adaptive Clothing Showroom started off by displaying its clothing range in a showroom type set up at various nursing homes within its vicinity, for nursing home residents and care givers to be able to view them before purchasing. The online site now is able to cater to a much broader customer group.

The site features all kinds of special needs clothing for the elderly and those with health issues, including nursing home residents, disabled and immobile people, and those with restrictive illnesses, to help make their daily habits easier to deal with. Categories of the adaptive clothing include: men’s, women’s, children’s, wheelchair and walker accessories, bibs, jumpsuits, ponchos, robes, shoes, post operative clothing, slippers, socks, hosiery, incontinence apparel and aids for daily living.

The popular brands featured by Adaptive Clothing Showroom include: AKA, Benefit Wear, Dignity, Dr Comfort, DressEZ, Easy Undies, Excell, Gentlemens Collection, Gilden, Gold Medal, Hanes, MedELert, My Self Belts, Novo, Pedors, Wee Low, Zayaz.

The online site provides many health tips, such as: benefits of compression hosiery, diabetics dressing tips, diabetic foot care tips, dressing tips for the elderly, Alzheimers daily care tips, general daily care tips and many other articles. There’s also a host of blog items, describing the benefits of the products and how to use them and so on.

A health news section on the site looks at new information articles released about particular issues, such as: how to reduce knee pain with orthopedic shoes, how tai chi can ease the symptoms of Parkinsons, Parkinsons and falling, how to recognize the symptoms of strokes, vitamin D and the elderly, and so on.

Customers can order the products by phone, or online by selecting the ‘Check’ or ‘Money Order’ option on the checkout page and submitting their order. Then mail a check or money order to Adaptive Clothing Showroom, which once cleared the order will be shipped. A faster option is to use the PayPal facility. The company ships to Canada and worldwide in addition to the US.

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