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Nassau County, NY - Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. (516-832-7777) renews its commitment to offer fair representation to residents in the state with its updated personal injury legal services. Also known as SAM, the law firm aggressively fights for the rights of all its clients.

The improved legal offerings focus on nursing home abuse and neglect in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk. The lawyers at SAM highlight emerging studies conducted by the federal government that suggest the rising number of inadequate senior care in more than 10,000 nursing homes in the area.

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Inadequacy in care can lead to nursing home abuse. The updated services provide legal representation for a variety of abusive practices, including physical, sexual, emotional, financial, abandonment, and neglect. Families of the plaintiff are encouraged to speak to the law office to determine what grounds they can file their cases under.

The experienced New York City nursing home abuse attorneys at SAM offer case evaluations at no cost and do not charge a fee until after the case is won. The lawyers explain that they are driven by their commitment to their clients and understand the multi-layered effects of any type of abuse, especially for the elderly who are often physically or mentally unable to report their suffering. Further details can be found at

It is for this reason that many nursing homes abuse cases go unreported. Silberstein, Awad & Miklos suggest families pay close attention to small signs of neglect, including untreated ulcers or sores, unexplained patient falls, semi-healed or fresh bruising, or even unsupervised patient wandering.

The law firm further highlights that nursing homes need to follow several state and federal rules to maintain their license. If any of these rules are violated, SAM helps clients receive the justice they deserve.

According to experts, the most common reason for nursing home abuse is understaffing. Recent studies show that as many as 95% of nursing facilities in the country are understaffed. Nevertheless, staff members are responsible for the welfare of their patients and cannot use this reason as an excuse for abusing those under their care.

A satisfied client wrote, “SAM is a trustworthy firm that has its clients’ best interests at heart. Attorney Eric Vogel is especially diligent, responsive, and intelligent.”

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